TikTok Badges Fospha as its Newest Measurement Partner

Fospha and TikTok are delighted to announce a partnership to help TikTok’s eCommerce advertisers accurately measure their digital marketing performance. With this partnership, Fospha and TikTok will be collaborating closely to help brands level up their attribution and understand where they have headroom to grow, in order to achieve the best return on their ad spend. 

What’s the problem this partnership is solving?  

Measuring the effectiveness of impressions-led advertising has been a massive problem since the advent of paid social channels. It’s a problem that has become increasingly difficult following privacy-related changes that have dramatically affected data availability (Apple’s iOS changes and 3rd party cookies being deprecated). These challenges have led to businesses relying even more on basic click-based attribution (e.g. last-click and MTA), which significantly undervalues the role played by upper-funnel activity.

A 2023 Fospha report shows that click-based attribution misses 74% of sales driven by impression-based media like Paid Social and TikTok, and 79% of sales driven specifically by TikTok. Across their client base, Fospha also found that brands that aren’t investing in brand and awareness activity have higher acquisition cost and lower return on advertising spend. 

Why Fospha?  

Fospha are pioneering a transformational new approach to cross-channel digital marketing measurement. A no-code implementation means clients are live in 2 to 3 weeks with a year of full funnel performance (impressions, clicks, zero-party data) modelled and it’s completely privacy-safe (no user-level personal data is used). 

Sam Carter, Fospha CEO, said, “Fospha’s mission is to help our clients spend their marketing budgets with confidence, acquiring as many customers as possible and generating the best return possible on their marketing budgets. This mission is more vital than ever, as macro-economic conditions have squeezed advertising budgets significantly in 2023.

The results of the partnership pilot have been phenomenal for brands advertising on TikTok and we’re absolutely delighted that TikTok are recognizing in Fospha a partner that can help a huge number of their customers quickly and radically improve their understanding of what’s working in their marketing mix, so they can immediately start making better investment decisions.” 

If you’d like to find out more, you can read more about one of the partnership pilot results here.

You can also reach out to Fospha or your TikTok account manager for more details.  

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Jamie Bolton, VP Growth

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